HVTN Studies

Studies for men who have sex with men

HVTN 110- In Follow Up

HVTN 505 – In Follow Up

DNA prime + rAD5 boost HIV vaccine

This study will determine the safety and efficacy of a VRC DNA/rAd5 HIV vaccine regimen in healthy, at-risk, circumcised men and MTF transgender persons who have sex with men.

  • Looking for: Fully circumcised, HIV negative men age 18 to 50 who have sex with men
  • Reimbursement: $75 per study visit for your time and travel expenses
  • 13 visits over 2 years
  • More information: https://www.facebook.com/#!/lifeforward

Studies for prior HIV trial participants

HVTN 910 

HIV vaccine-induced antibodies

The purpose of this study is to describe how long vaccine-induced antibodies to HIV persist in participants who have received preventive HIV vaccines.
  • Looking for participants from DAIDS-funded HIV preventive vaccine clinical trials that:
    • Received trial vaccine
    • Are HIV-uninfected
    • Test positive for vaccine-induced HIV Abs
  • 2 visits per year