Who We Are

The Hope Clinic is part of the Division of Infectious Disease at Emory School of Medicine. Our mission is to conduct human research studies and clinical trials for infectious diseases of public health importance; e.g., HIV/AIDS, seasonal and pandemic influenza, tuberculosis, norovirus and others.

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What We Do

The primary focus of The Hope Clinic is vaccine development for infectious diseases such as seasonal flu, bird flu, Ebola, Zika and others. We are also a leader in the cutting edge field of HIV prevention and vaccine development. Our clinical trials encompass vaccines, treatment, prevention, and community-based research.

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Get Involved

We like to say that our clinical trial volunteers and donors are heroes. Their commitment and altruism is instrumental in advancing health and preventing disease. Please join us in our quest to improve health and defeat life threatening infections.

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Giving to the Hope Clinic or Vaccine Center

The Hope Clinic collaborates with researchers at The Emory Vaccine Center. The EVC is an epicenter of academic research and development of vaccines against chronic and infectious diseases and is the largest and most comprehensive academic vaccine research center in the world.

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