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Volunteerism is a major component of how we carry out our mission here at the Hope Clinic. Perhaps you would like to be a part of what we do here?

Volunteer Opportunities include:

  1. Participation in a Vaccine Research Study: A wide variety of clinical vaccine trails are carried out at the Hope Clinic each year. Study participants are a vital part of the work that we do at the clinic.  We need volunteers who are ready to join the cause to prevent and treat infectious diseases.  For more information contact Eileen Osinski at gosinsk@emory.eduSee below a few of our currently enrolling studies.
  2. Participation in our CAB (Community Advisory Board): The CAB is a diverse group of community members committed to the development and implementation of appropriate vaccine trials and disease prevention. We value the insight and feedback that we gain from our CAB members because they represent the communities we would like to engage in our studies. For more information, click here or contact Rameses Frederick at
  3. Participation in the AV200 Bike Ride: Every year over a hundred bicyclists take part in a two day, 202 mile bicycle ride to raise money vaccine research. This annual event has raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for vaccine research.

Want to contact our recruitment/community team? Click here or call 404-712-1371 or email us at


Giving to the Hope Clinic or Vaccine Center

The EVC is an epicenter of academic research and development of vaccines against chronic and infectious diseases and the largest and most comprehensive academic vaccine research center in the world.