The Hope Clinic is part of the division of infectious disease at Emory School of Medicine located in Decatur, GA and servicing the greater Atlanta area. Funded by an NIH T32 grant, the Emory Vaccinology Training program helps to create the next generation of clinical and translational vaccine researchers. We work on prevalent infections, such as yellow fever, HIV, and influenza, as well as emerging or historically less common infections, such as ebola and zika.

Research Sponsorship comes from the federal government (NIH,CDC), the biomedical industry , the Georgia Research Alliance (GRA), institutional resources, and philanthropic contributions, including Action Cycling Atlanta – sponsor of the AIDS Vaccine 200 annual bike ride. The Emory-CDC HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) and the Vaccine and Treatment Evaluation Unit (VTEU) are two major NIH grants awarded to the Hope Clinic. To learn more about the Emory-CDC CTU, click here.

We like to say that our clinical trial volunteers and donors are heroes—because they are.  Their commitment and altruism is instrumental in advancing health and preventing diseases.  For clinical trials, we rely on motivated community members to volunteer for our studies.  As a nonprofit organization, we rely on the private philanthropy of individuals, corporations, and foundations to continue our vital work.  We hope you will consider lending support to an area that interests you.  Please join us in our quest to improve health and defeat life threatening infections, whether as a study volunteer, an advocate, or a donor.