Frequently Asked Questions

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See below for answers to some common questions our volunteers may have before participating in a research study at the Emory Hope Clinic.

All clinical trials involve some degree of risk that can range from relatively small like losing time to more serious. Level of risk varies based on the study you are in, and all potential risks are described in detail in your study's Informed Consent Form. Before consenting to be in a clinical trial, discuss the potential risks with your doctor, family, and the study nurse, coordinator, or study doctor at your screening visit. Any illness you experience during study participation will be immediately evaluated by our site team and we will assist you in getting medical treatment.

Compensation amounts will vary depending on the study you are in. All payments are provided through cash debit cards (“ClinCards”) and will be updated with payment at the end of each study visit.

When you join a study, you will be donating your specimens and medical information. Duration for keeping study specimens and data varies based on the needs of the study. After study completion, all specimens and data will be de-identified and not linked to any individual participant.

You can prepare for your first visit by reading the Informed Consent Form for the study, reviewing study information with your doctor, family and friends, preparing a list of your medications, drinking extra water, and avoiding strenuous exercise and meals high in sodium and/or sugar.

Some results can be available within a few days of your study visit, while other study results and findings may become available after completion of the study, which could take months or years. Results of clinical trials are published on

If you require translation services, just let our team know! In many cases, we would be happy to provide you with a Spanish version of the Informed Consent Form for the study you are interested in. We have many Spanish-speaking providers, nurses, and study coordinators on staff who are available to assist with translation services at your in-person clinic visits.

Don't see your question answered here? Reach out to our recruitment team at or call us at 404-712-1370.