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Volunteers make clinical research possible. When you volunteer for one of our enrolling studies, we become partners in finding preventions, treatments, and cures for diseases and improving healthcare for people now and in the future. Hear why our volunteers choose Hope and consider signing up for a clinical trial today!

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volunteer working with a patient

"My participation in the Hope Clinic study for an effective Covid-19 vaccine was a very satisfying experience, as it allowed me to feel like I was part of the answer to a crisis that my community had to confront. The Hope Clinic staff kept me informed as to what I was undertaking, and I am thankful that the Hope Clinic stands as a vanguard to the challenges created by infectious diseases. Thank you for the opportunity."

Doug A., 71

"Initially, since I had never been in a trial prior to this [COVID-19 vaccine study], I had some minor doubts, especially since this was a new virus and a new vaccine at the time. However, these doubts were overshadowed by my concern for people’s health worldwide, and the importance of finding the right vaccine to help reduce the severity of this disease we knew little about (and that was killing people at a rapid rate) at the time. As a former scientist, I appreciate the role that vaccines have played in public health, and the reduction of disease transmission, and therefore, had a positive outlook for the COVID vaccines tested at the Hope Clinic. Today, I am overjoyed that COVID vaccines saved so many lives. I would definitely be in a vaccine trial again at Hope Clinic, should an opportunity arise."

Rachel, 47

"I’ve had a great experience as a volunteer at Hope Clinic doing clinical trials. I started my first clinical trial when my brother got COVID and I didn’t. I did a trial for people living in the home with someone with active COVID. A friend of mine, who works at Hope Clinic, let me know about the study. It paid well and I felt like I was doing my part to help in this new COVID world. I had no real doubts about it. Although I am no longer in nursing I come from a nursing background. The trial went so well that I also volunteered for a long COVID study after getting COVID myself. If you’re interested in clinical trials, I would recommend them highly. I consider it to be a gig economy for me. I would just do a lot of research before you make the decision, and weigh the risks against the rewards."

Enid, 64