Plan Your Visit

Read below to learn more about what to expect at a typical Screening Visit at the Emory Hope Clinic. Watch this animation that describes how to get started with volunteering.

Check our Enrolling Studies page to find a study that is right for you!

Enroll in a Study

What to Expect at Your First Visit

Volunteer going over paperwork with a patient

  1. Once you choose a study that you are interested in volunteering for, you will have a phone interview with someone from our recruitment team. Our recruiter will ask for your verbal permission to record your personal health information and conduct a screening questionnaire that covers basic health information that pertains to the study.

  2. If you are eligible for the study based on the phone screening questionnaire, the recruiter will schedule an in-clinic screening appointment with you.

    You will receive an e-mail verification of your appointment, directions to our clinic, and detailed information about the study's procedures, (informed consent form or ICF) for you to review before your visit. You will receive a text and/or email reminder 1-2 days before your appointment.

    If you are ineligible for the study, we will ask permission to keep your information in our secure database to contact you for future studies.

  3. When you arrive at your screening appointment, you will fill out paperwork provided by the front desk that includes contact information and a basic medical questionnaire.

  4. You will then meet with the study coordinator to review the study's informed consent form and they will answer any questions that you may have about the research study.

  5. The study coordinator will review your medical history, list of medications, and collect your vital signs (heart and breathing rate, temperature, blood pressure), as well as specimens such as blood and urine samples if needed.

  6. Finally, you will have a physical examination with one of our medical providers on staff if indicated.

  7. The study coordinator will contact you with your next steps once the results of the tested specimens are back (approx. 1 week after your screening visit). If you match the study criteria, you will be scheduled for an additional screening appointment or an enrollment visit.

    You will be compensated for your time and travel after completing the in-clinic screening appointment, regardless of study eligibility.

The Emory Hope Clinic is located at 500 Irvin Court, Suite #200, Decatur Georgia 30030.

Have questions? Call us at 404-712-1370 or email our recruitment team at